I messed up? - Help using old optical drive in new PC?


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For 2 years ago my old PC stopped working because of the motherboard. At the time I didnt have money to fix it..

Now 2 years later I was offered a PC from a friend.

Its formatted and has windows installed on a 512 intel SSD, works fine.

My old optical drive does not have windows, Only a lot of data I really want.

If I connect it with SATA I get blue screen saying System thread exception not handled.

I checked bios too see if I can configure AHCI setting but I dont get the option. I can only choose to enable or disable sata pretty much.

The optical drive is detected correctly in bios. I also tried different SATA cable but same.

Any suggestions? :p
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Aniket Singh

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If you are able to access your Windows computer then try to update the drivers it mostly happens if drivers are outdated.