I need advice on a fast motherboard

By rodion15
Jul 5, 2016
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  1. I'd like to build my own PC Windows 10 so I'm thinking of a fast motherboard. But I'll use it for everyday, not for gaming. I may attach a good PCIe graphics card I have, but I don't want an excessive gaming motherboard, no overclocking please.

    I'd like it to have the fastest flash-storage/SSD so it boots and runs fast. Something like Sata express or PCI-express M.2.

    What about a barebone? don't know what that is exactly.
  2. Row1

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    Hi - A "barebones" system is not a complete system. It depends on who is selling it, but it usually means they include a few crucial ingredients for going ahead and completing the build however you want. It might not include hard drive or video card.

    To have a fast computer, the motherboard is not the first thing to figure out. The motherboard will be built to handle current components, so you are limited by current standards of the other components.

    The things that will make your computer fast are the SSD rather than a regular hard drive, and the speed of the processor / CPU. Considering that you would be building a regular "IBM PC" style "desktop" computer, and using current parts, generally, all motherboards will be the same speed, and it will be the
    SSD and CPU that make it faster rather than slower.

    I don't think the tests show that it is worth it yet to go to pci-e drive, versus SSD. It is probably better to throw that money at a faster CPU. Or, just save the money.

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