I need help finding this driver simple communications controller

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Jun 16, 2008
  1. It is for my granpas computer, his internet stopped working after he reinstalled windows I looked in his device manage and that is the only device with a question mark by it, he uses dial up. He has a

    HP Pavilion a810n Desktop PC 64
    Windows xp

    I looked on the hp website the only thing they seem to offer is a update driver for there modems... Which was discouraging, My granpa lives a hour away and does not hear well on the phone it took about 20 min to get his model number.

    I plan to bring him this driver, install it and hope it fixes his internet. Where can I get this driver?

    It might be here but I don't know which one it is

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    Thanks alot, I'll bring it to him today. I could not find it anywhere when I searched the site.
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    Eh I installed the driver the question mark went away but the internet still doesn't work, I am gonna take his cpu down to my house, I will try installing an update for the driver and the xpsp3 update, I don't think it will work but thats all I can think of any other ideas?

    I read something about reinstalling the modem or somehow using the windows xp disc to fix the problem. When I looked at the modem section in the control panel it was installed and appeared to be normal.
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    If you were using a Desktop shortcut, you need to make a NEW one.
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    Hi again, after plugging his computer into my ehternet and updating windows, it fixed the problem. However the updates ceased to work, now they are all displayed as 0 kb 0 minutes to download. I looked around this is a common bug but I don't know the solution to it. Anyone know how I can fix this update bug before I return his computer?
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    Try this :

    1.Click start
    2.Right click "my computer"
    3.Click "properties" then the "automatic updates" tab
    4.Choose "turn off automatic updates"
    5.Reboot your computer
    6.Go back to start menu and in all programs go to "windows update" you have to be connected to the internet.
    7.Manually update windows.
    8.Turn your automatic updates back on.

    If that fails; I came across ( http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/134414-45-windows-update-size-files ) the following (you should be signed on as an Administrator::

    "Disable Automatic Updates service (services.msc)

    Copy folders Download and DataStore which are in
    %windir%\SoftwareDistribution (%windir% is usually c:\windows) to another folder (e.g. desktop)

    Delete the content of Download and DataStore

    Enable Automatic Updates and try again."
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    1rst suggestion did not work

    2nd suggestion I saw on some old forum, I was afraid to try it, I did and it made it so the updates did not say 0 kb download, but when it tried to install them it failed to install and then went back to the 0 kb + fail when I tried again. I think that is half the answer to the problem. I tried removing all update before I installed sp3 and starting from scratch but that didn't work either, I just went in add\remove.

    To be clear I turned off auto update
    Copied the 2 folders to a folder on my desktop
    Deleted the orignals
    Turned on auto update

    I also tried the same steps without turning on auto updates, and tried to manual update, same effect.

    Note: To delete the data folder I had to go to task manager and turn off wualct.exe because it was using the program, I don't think thats the exact spelling, its still off so i cannot see it now.

    While looking in user accounts to make sure I was on admin I noticed a account called asp.net machine... I doubt my granpa made that account. Its password protected and not a admin account.
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    OK - my BEST advice. Copy whatever he really values off and then wipe that drive and start again.

    Sometimes, divorce IS BETTER than counselling.

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