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By roze
Jul 30, 2008
  1. hi i'm roze and i joined techsupport for technical support, as the name implies. i want to know how to reformat my laptop (LENOVO G400). i have installed 2 OS (WINDOWS XP SP2 and OPENSUSE 10.3). I have 3 partitions. c for windows, d for file saving and g for opensuse.

    i don't know how to reformat my laptop. but as i go through the threads about reformatting, i can manage however, i don't know how to go along reformatting with dual boot. ah, i shouldn't have installed both... my fault.

    can somebody help me reformat my laptop through techsupport? thanks a million in advance!

    roze :)
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Before formatting, you will need to download all your system drivers

    It is also possible that you have a backup image installed, to re-install your original Operating System, and formatting may also remove this.

    Did you just want to format one partition, or the entire notebook (all partitions)?

    You may want to download Gparted, to check exactly what you have installed before continuing.
    Also always have up to date backups before doing anything to your notebook.
  3. kerz

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    I have some experience with IBM laptops ...
    1) The best way to do this is with your recovery disc set
    2) If you don't have the recovery set you can always get IBM to send you new ones for free (I can tell you how if you want \ need them)
    3) If that doesn't work for you then do like Kimsland suggested and download the laptop drivers from the IBM website and then burn them to a disc. ••• The most important one is the LAN driver .. If you don't get the right one, you won't be downloading anything from the net after Windows installs. •••
    Use the full model number (found on the bottom of the laptop) this will help you get better driver download results.

    4) to start the OS install press F1 or F2 (can't remember which on e is what) ... you want the one that brings up the change boot device menu. at this point you want to select the CDROM drive .. and off you go.

    5) The XP install will ask you to choose which drive and or partition you want it to install on. ... At this point you can delete partitions and drive letters etc. Blow them all away (unless you want to keep them)
    >> This is all done using the options XP gives you during the first stages of the set-up <<
    After you do this, create 1 single partition and install XP on it. XP will ask if you want to format the partition. Select NTFS quick.

    NOTE: IF you remove all the partitions nothing will be saved including any IBM recovery info. (I don't believe that IBM uses hidden partitions anymore)
    IBM recovery disc's are the best way to get your laptop back in original operating order.
  4. Bobbye

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    Is there a particular reason you think you need to reformat? There may be problems that can be cleared up and save you the reformatting. I do realize you didn't ask for other help, but thought you might not realize some problems can be handled with something less severe than a reformat.
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