IBM announces phase change memory breakthrough


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IBM researchers have announced a breakthrough in a new kind of memory, known as phase-change memory (PCM), that allows them to reliably store multiple bits of data per cell for…

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i read the other day in neoteo something better....a new type of memory that can work without energy i can write and read as needed without energy,,,,


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Though the company is not the first to demonstrate multi-bit cell phase change memory, it managed to sidestep a persisting problem called "drift" that otherwise causes data errors the longer data is stored.
Sweet that sounds awesome!!!
Yet one of the problems with multi-bit PCM is that, over time, the electrons in the phase-change cells tend to 'drift around', which causes the resistance levels in the chip circuitry to change and leads to data read errors.
Uhh.. OH? Well I thought I just read that... wtf.... aww forget it....


Sounds like a good solution for Desktop RAM, just don't keep the system on for longer then 7 days or so heheh


Those memory cells are kind of like my memory cells. After a month I would forget who I slept with.


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Your memory isn't the reason why you don't remember sleeping with anyone...