IDE to SATA not working

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May 8, 2009
  1. I'll give a detailed description of what's going on...

    I have an Elite Group G31T-M Motherboard. And i'm using the IDE ribbon to connect two of my drives. One having my OS and the other just a storage hardrive. I'm trying to connect my IDE CD ROM using a IDE to SATA cable and i'm not getting the BIOS to read the device...i have tried a few different configurations of the drives, putting the SATA converter on one of my other devices and i've tried to tweak, but now its displaying a floppy dirve and there's not one on the unit...if anyone call please help with this, i'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. robin_bga

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    Hi, first is you SATA enabled and does it support it fully?
    First check that in the bios to see if its enabled.
    The other thing would be to tell up or show us the type of converter u used.
  3. ihsmith

    ihsmith TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, i don't know how to do that in the BIOS...
  4. robin_bga

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    ihsmith, i really can't help u if u dont know how to explorer new things, hey man get to your feet and start using your hands and head, u will find it somewhere, just keep reading step by step and line by line. u will see it somewhere or else why not read the manual.
  5. ihsmith

    ihsmith TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, the CD ROM that i have to IDE to SATA on is set to master, but it's still not reading the device.
  6. AntiBurn

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    Get your camra and take a picture if you cant discribe your converter and second if there is no sata ports in your motherboard (without converters) then it is LOW chanse it will accept any hardware with sata with converter.

    Please write more specific about this motherboard (hardly anything about it on google)
  7. Rick

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    ... and that doesn't even apply here. He has a pretty recent board with SATA ports - the problem is he only has one IDE channel and 3 IDE drives.

    I've had good experiences with a couple of different SATA/IDE adapters. In fact, I use a really old one (over 5 years old, for sure) regularly for different IDE drives and it works great on CD-ROMs.

    I *have* read that CD-ROMs can be temperamental with SATA adapters though. How about you use the IDE/SATA adapter on one of your hard drives instead? Then you can use the IDE cable to connect one of your hard drives and CD-ROM together, as master/slave.
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