Ideas for knowledge database software

By Spyder_1386
Jul 8, 2009
  1. Hey guys

    I'm busy with an internal project at work. I work for a Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy and I would like to improve the way in which we store our human capital knowledge. At this point in time, everything we know is inside our employees' heads and this does not make it conducive to learning, especially for new recruits. I was thinking maybe some sort of knowledge database such as this forum, but for BI. As support is an important part of consulting as well, this project needs to be able to incorporate our clients logging in and asking questions that they need assistance with. I'm also looking to improve our website and put in some crazy, funky, new, fresh stuff onto it to make it a little more interesting and "fun", just to add a bit of flavour.

    I would love some ideas from everyone as to how each of you would go about something like this. Also, any software that you think would be suitable for this type of project (freeware would be best but please do mention good premium products as well) will help me a lot in making decisions and drawing up final plans.

    As for the website, again, any ideas would be appreciated as I'm not the most tech savvy person when it comes to this sorta thing lol :) ....

    Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer.

    Spyder_1386 :)
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