IE pops up 50s windows when clicking on email hyperlink...PROBLEM!!

Aug 10, 2005
  1. Dear all:
    something weird has happend to my computer. When I clicked on any email hyperlink, my IE windows would have like over 50 pops up windows and my computer basically just freezes there.

    Has anyone encounter such problem? I am aware that in my registry, my "HKEY\CLASSES_ROOT\mailto" can't be opened... I think my registry file is probably corrupted... I searched on google but could not find a repair on that registry file...I think that may have associated with my email hyperlink problem...

    Does anyone know how to fix? Thank you very much -)

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    I found the solution....

    According to some people's reply, it seems to be a URL Protocol string key absence that causes this problem. However, more tricky is how to set the URL Protocol string key correctly.

    *** This is one temporary hotfix for using Outlook as Email editor for mailto: hyperlink ***

    1) Log on as Administrator
    2) go to regedit -> HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto
    3) right click and check the permission, Administrator should be there with "special permission" (not sure whether Full Control permission would be alright here). If any Administrators group or local users are not listed on the permission list, you need to add them and grant them with at least the same access as Administrator (Special permisson or beyond). I tried Read only for groups other than Administrator and SYSTEM and that did not fix the problem.

    4) Now log on as your other local user account, open IE and go to Tools -> Internet Option -> Programs.
    5) Select Email to an alternative email client, press apply, and then switch back to your preferred email client. Registry keys would be set up now.
    6) Now if you go rededit -> HKEY\CLASSES_ROOT\mailto, the local user should be able to see all contents and you will notice a "URL Protocol" string key is created. Furthermore, a shell folder is created with the command to open your default Email editor.

    So far this is the quick fix I found out. However, I am not expert in registry key, so I do not know what side effect it may bring.

    Any other feedbacks are welcome =)
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