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By mockzero56
Nov 20, 2008
  1. I work for an Audio Visual Rental company and I just started working in the computer department. We have an inventory of nearly a 100 computers going out frequently. Sometimes 2 or 3 a day, sometimes 50 a day. I am trying to look into options for imaging software as we image every computer every time it is rented. So looking for software that is easy to use. and able to image a lot of machine at once if needed. We do have a 16 port KVM switcher. I have heard of a few different types of software so just trying to look at my options. Although I don't have the specs we do have a new server to run it if needed. Any opinions would be appreciated and or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Edit: For windows Xp
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Norton Ghost (I use this one)
    Acronis True Image (most users like this one, images and backup incrementally)
    Acronis Migrate Easy (Just disk clone - quite good!)
    Drive Image (Basically an alternative)
    DriveImage XML (This one is free!)
    MaxBlast (I haven't used this, but it's free)
    pc-disk-clone(Home Edition: Up to 2GB/min, Pro Edition: Up to 7GB/min)

    Imaging: Backs up your entire system, including Windows and data, plus your partition as well. The image can be stored on removable media, such as DVD. And usually takes under an hour (depending on size of image) to fully recover to a blank HardDrive.
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