INF error when installing new video card

By slimsav
Oct 31, 2009
  1. Ok, so i just purchased a new video card because the old one is on it's way out (crazy colors on screen, very rarely loads properly) and I can't get this damn thing installed.

    After just attempting to 'plug and play' with it I realized that it isn't that easy.

    Im running windows XP, with a pent. 4 procc. and I have a gig and a 1/2 of memory that I also just installed.

    When I attempt to install the new card drivers I get the INF error where it tells you to setup the vid adapter with a standard version.

    I looked up several 'install guides' and even restore my comp at one point to start fresh. I UNINSTALLED the old drivers first, turned off comp and removed old card. installed new, it booted, but I get that error when I try and install new drivers. The vid card is a 'Diamond - Stealth' ati Radeon s120 156 mb card.

    I ahd to install .net framework 2.0 to even try and install, which I did. I found several topics on the net about this, but can't find a solution. obviously i can see, but my drivers arent installed. I also tried to download the latest catalyst update and it said a 'driver could not be found for me device' and failed to install. can anyone help?

  2. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    I'd start making sure all Windows updates are applied
    > When you run Windows updates, do you click Custom updates?
    > Make sure all hardware updates applied
    > Also are you running SP3?
    > And see that all versions of all fixes for Netframework are all installed

    Then try the video card again. Did you get the drivers with the card? or you get them online? (look online if there's a newer version)
  3. slimsav

    slimsav TS Rookie Topic Starter

    actually I found the problem. thanks for the reply thou. Apparently, because I didn't spend a million dollars on my card is old and outdated .... so of course it's no longer supported as far as new drivers, and had been lumped into another now discontinued line of cards, so it only works with an old version of the cataalyst driver install crap. 9.6 or older I believe. I got it working, but in the end I took it back and and now getting a better one thru a friend. go figure.

    thanks again.
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