Info Required: There is no best antivirus so what else to minimise risk?

By kuku
Jan 1, 2010
  1. I am not sure whether similar topic has been started. If it has, my apology and hope someone can point me to that relevant thread.

    I initiate this topic to discuss on the big picture on what control measures are being implemented in organisation in general to minimise the risk of virus outbreak.

    Consider a company which has its computer systems having connection to the internet. There is no one anti-virus software that can 100% prevent virus from attacking the system. Virus that can be detected by one anti-virus software may fail to be detected by another.

    I make a joke to a colleague that we should create a chain of anti-virus server in such a way an email message for example will be passed from one scanning station to another scanning station, all being implemented using different anti-virus software because there is no one best anti-virus software.

    I therefore would like to seek a discussion here as to how you will implement a defense system within your organisation from virus attack.

    You don't have to come out with all the ideas; just bits here and there would do and I will help to summarise in this post here which I hope may benefit the rest.
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    Well, if you want the best OS (Operating System) against hackers then I'd say it has to be Linux. I've got Windows XP and that's fine since I'm using it at home, but school servers and stuff will probably need stronger stuff than your average home computer.

    And, also, these programs I found are quite useful:
    Avira AntiVir / Avast (Computer scanner)
    Windows Defender (Basically, a line of fodder against your average spyware / etc)
    MBAM (MalwareBytes Anti-Malware)

    All of the listed in the 8-step as well.

    As for firewalls, I've no recommendations so far, except for ZoneAlarm or COMODO Firewalls
    The faster (but much, MUCH more risky) way is to bribe the military so you can have military-grade computer encryption and protection. Lol. :D

    Remember this is only basic info.

    Hope you appreciate the read.
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