Injunction blocks RIM from using BBX name for new OS


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Research in Motion's run of bad luck continues. Fresh after hearing a senior executive in Indonesia might be charged with negligence following the sales stampede at their BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch, the…

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RIM really are dying slowly, Playbook selling badly, they fail to make software that doesn't crash everyday, riots, now losing in the courts, Service Outages and they recently had their Playbook rooted after it was announced as one of the more secure tablets? Things are not looking to great...


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They should spin this minor setback quickly and use "B2X OS" or maybe "bbOS"; and this time check for Trademarks... I assume most 3 letter sets are taken, just like for web urls. Come on people, it cannot be that hard to name their OS. If this is going to be made such a task, then getting developers on board is going to be more difficult then trying to push bowling balls through quarter sized holes...


we live in a crazy world where names are owned by inexistant persons. I hope this system will crash and burn, and that I will be there to see it