Inspiron 6400 will not turn on

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Jul 27, 2008
  1. Hello there, I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop, roughly two and a half years old. I woke up yesterday and it wouldn't turn on.

    I searched the forums and google, but found no real answer to my problem. If I can't find an answer I may have to take it into somewhere on Tuesday, though I've never had to do that before.

    It is not the battery. I've tried taking it out to turn it on, but I haven't used it in around six months anyway. Around that time, my original power cable fried and I had to get a replacement. Due to being overseas, I had to get one that wasn't Dell, however the reccomended laptops on the back said that it would work with mine. Unfortunately it does, as in powers the laptop, but does not charge the battery in any way.

    A couple of weeks ago, the right hand back corner of the lid broke. I don't know how, but a small metal piece in the corner will not bend down, and forces the plastic up. I tried removing the cover and taking a look, but I don't think it's fixable as it seems to have popped out of some place and I can't get it back in. I don't know if this is cosmetic or has something to do with my laptop not turning on.

    Any help is much appreciated :) If you need any more information on my laptop, just ask and I'll post it.

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    your symptons sound just like my brother's 6400, his lid broke in the same place and he also bought a replacement PSU that wasnt a Dell part and it didnt charge his battery either.

    The hinge screws pop out and the thread breaks in the hinge, you will need to buy a replacement hinge set for it and replace it,

    as for not turning on, the replacement PSU's are under current and it is possible with use that you have damaged the main board for it, its not repairable im afraid and will require a replacement.

  3. Pirran

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    Oh no! That sounds really crappy, but thanks for your reply. Will the repairman be able to get anything from my harddrive? I'd like to get my stuff off it if I could. Also, would you know the rough price of replacing the main board? I was planning on getting a desktop in a few months, and it may not be worth replacing it.
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  5. Pirran

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    I'd already checked there before posting. Sorry it's in the wrong forum, I saw similar posts in here and assumed I could put it here. Could a moderator please fix it?

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    My laptop is still in the same state. Took it into a computer place and they didn't know what was wrong. They looked at the power transistor or something, but it wasn't the problem. Would anyone else have any ideas?
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