Installed a graphics card, but now cd drive doesnt work

By Rubberducky07
Aug 2, 2008
  1. The other day i bought a 9800 GT 512MB. As i connected it i noticed that my computer only supported a total of 240 watts max. So i had to buy a new power supply for my hp. So i connected everything, hoping that i had done everything correctly, for it was my first time installing a power supply. When i finished, i booted it up and everything seems to be working okay. A few hours later the computer went to sleep after i left it alone for a while. And when i came back and tried to wake it by shaking the mouse, it wouldnt turn on. So i turned it on and connected the supplemental power supply that evga recommended me to do. Now everything seems to be going okay. But there is only one more problem..My cd drive doesnt read cds! I guess the graphics card is taking too much power, or maybe i should of connected the graphics card alot seperately than my cd drive, because the cables seems to be close.The disk drive still opens and closes but it doesnt read cd's. If anyone could please help me on this i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  2. raybay

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    How old, and how much use has the optical drive. These drives are fragile, particularly on the HP machines. The laser burns out or becomes out of alignment.
    You might want to test by temporarily inserting another optical drive.
    Also, you may have partially disconnected the EIDE cable to the drive... or crimped it. So remove and reseat all cables to the cd drive, after giving them a complete inspection.
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