Installing Drivers and Utilities Problem

By elbarto14
Apr 24, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    Ive had a problem with windows xp (the blue screen) which meant I have re installed windows on my laptop. I have just gone to try and re install the Drivers and Utilities but when I attempt to do this it tells me that 'Unknown devices detected! Would you install the drivers for?' The the option to select yes or no, I have tried both yes and no and the overall result is that, as I understand i, my network, soundcard etc are not installed.

    Could anyone tell me where I go from here please? Im getting pretty desperate as I have work deadlines to meet. I apologise if I have asked a question that another post already contains an answer for, or if I have posted in the wrong place. As you may have gathered from the explanation of my problem, my knowledge of computers is fairly limited.

    I would be immensely grateful if someone could help me.
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    A BSOD isn't a reason to reinstall the OS. What was the problem you had?
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    right click on "my computer" and go to manage. Click on the device manager on the left and look for any yellow marks on the devices. Yellow indicates that drivers are not installed for that device.
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