Installing Linux not able to boot windows XP

By sarahs1584
Oct 7, 2005
  1. I installed linux and when I boot up it automatically goes to Linux and wont go to Windoxs XP.
    It doesnt even give windows as an option to use.
    So then I read online that I only needed one partition so I deleted my E partition 2.
    Now linux nor Windows will boot up.
    I dont want to reformat my computer, is there anyway I can save my information.
  2. sarahs1584

    sarahs1584 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I want to add to that

    I am basically just wanting Linux off my computer right now. I am just wanting to be able to have my Windows OS like it was.
    I typed in fixmbr under recovery and now its not doing anything.
    It wont boot up at all.. before it would boot up into Linux. But I didnt know how to get into my Windows OS.
    Now what can I do??
  3. waxyj

    waxyj TS Rookie

    Umm. When you installed Linux, you of course made sure not to format your Windows partition, so it's still there (right?), it's just a matter of accessing it.

    In that case, it's almost definitely a problem with your bootloader, which would be either LILO or GRUB. A solution, perhaps not the best, would be to boot into linux from your install disks, and re-run the bootloader section of the install program. It seems as if the first time you did this you either failed to name your windows installation, or it gives you 0 time to choose. I don't know about GRUB, but for LILO it is easier to just reinstall it (to the MBR, since that has been wiped...).

    OR, if you don't have any data which needs to be salvaged, you could just reinstall Windows from scratch, deleting your linux partition as if it were a bad dream.
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