Installing new os and cleaning hard disk

By deanlaing12
Aug 11, 2009
  1. At my other house i have a computer based on windows vista which is packed with problems even after a lot of virus scans and trojan scans etc...

    I want to wipe the hard disk clean and start over with a new copy of windows vista but they didnt give me a cd with windows vista, it was alredy build in.

    Is it safe to just delete vista and install windows xp?

    If in doing this will my internet connection be worse? It is full speed internet and iv heard rumers that windows vista helps internet but is a bad opperating system.
  2. strategic

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    What type of PC do you have? There should normally be a recovery partition where you can restore your Vista installation. You can install XP, just make sure you note all the device drivers you'll need to make it easier. It shouldn't affect your internet speed at all.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    Its perfectly safe, just make sure you completely format, since you cite viruses.
    Lies! Windows XP will not slow down the internet!
  4. deanlaing12

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    It is an Acer PC with Windows vista.

    Now what if a virus got into my partition.

    And i didnt know the partition was the installation (new news to me)

    And thats great, awsome internet speed :)

    Ok so now you got me wondering, if i just re install windows vista.

    How can i re install windows vista if i dont have the instalation cd?

    How would i format the pc whilst installing the vista?

    How can i do a total repair?
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