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Installing Windows 7 on Asus - error

By sloopools
Jul 2, 2010
  1. Hi!
    I confess that I have found the answers to many of my problems here on TechSpot, and this is why I posted this thread.

    Installing Windows 7 on a ASUS can be a bit anoying, and that is because you get a big "ERROR" word in red, after your instalation is nearly complete. The top windows is labeled with C:\RECOVERY.DAT
    There is no buttons, no options or what so ever. So either you force a shut down to your PC or it does not go over that screen.

    It is clear that that error is because of Windows 7 is trying to write the boot info on the first primary disk that it finds. Since ASUS laptops have an recovery partition [Hidden] unwritable, this error shows up.

    Now,if you remove/delete the recovery partition, your Windows 7 instalations goes OK (either New or Upgrade instalations). BUT THIS WILL ERASE YOUR BACKUP AND ORIGINAL OS THAT CAMED WITH YOUR PC (which is kind of nice to have, also for warranty reasons).

    Is there a way of installing Windows 7 on a ASUS with out having to remove the recovery partition? New/Upgrade or Single/Double Boot or ANY other solutions are welcome.

    Thank you in advance
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    When installing 7...

    Choose the partition that you want to install on that isn't your recovery partiton when Win7 gives you the option to. If that dosn't work, clone the recovery partiton to a storage device and erase the partiton. That way, when (or if) you need it you just have to put the image back on the partiton to restore your computer.
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