Intel Arc rumors indicate naming scheme for three models

Daniel Sims

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Rumor mill: New leaks may have shed some more light on Intel's upcoming first generation of desktop graphics cards. If valid, they offer a better idea of how Intel will name them, how many choices they'll give consumers, and where their performance range might be.

According to known Twitter leaker @momomo_us, the numbering scheme for Intel Arc graphics cards uses the first letter of the series name followed by a three-digit number. A sample chart they provided says each card of the first generation—which Intel has named Alchemist, will be called "Intel a###." In another tweet, momomo suggests the following generations will use initials based on their names, which Intel revealed in August. That means Intel will name the second generation Battlemage cards "Intel b###," the third generation Celestial cards "Intel c###," and so on.

Previous rumors have suggested that the Alchemist cards will be based on two silicon models—one with 512 execution units on the high end and another with 128 on the low end. The latest information from his sources tells YouTuber Moore's Law Is Dead (MLID) that Intel's top-of-the-line and low-end Alchemist cards will use the full chips of both silicon models respectively, but that there will also be a 384EU desktop model. This one is based on a cut-down version of the 512EU silicon model.

Thus far, rumors have compared the top-end Alchemist card's performance to Nvidia's RTX 3070. MLID's sources say it might be around that or closer to the RTX 3060Ti. The main reason for their uncertainty is that Intel's drivers aren't yet complete. The drivers also seem to be what's holding them back from determining an exact date for the launch, which is supposed to happen early next year.

Today, a blurry picture of what is supposed to be the 128EU Intel Alchemist model appeared on the Chinese forum Chiphell. The image aligns with a layout that VideoCardz and Igor'sLAB posted in May (flipped 90 degrees to the right). According to VideoCardz's translation, the leaker claims the card has 6GB of GDDR6 RAM and only draws around 64 watts.

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