Intel finishes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port for x86 phones


TS Evangelist
The latest version of Android is now compatible with Intel-based handsets -- if you can find one, that is. The Santa Clara chip giant is just getting started in the smartphone market, with devices available from select carriers in India,...

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Darth Shiv

TS Evangelist
Hmm this seems to be a popular topic. Intel now have to prove x86 is a worthy competitor judging by the apparent lack of interest!


Maybe it can run any of the windows xp/vista/7 "performance editions", courtesy of the friendly neighborhood pirates.


TechSpot Paladin
How well did the Orange San Diego (Android 2.3) stack up against a Qualcomm chipped phone? We never got to see on stateside.


I wonder what the benchmarks will look like? The hardware in the first Intel based phones seemed to do fantastic and that was running on crappy Gingerbread.