Intel, Google working on Android 4.1 port for Atom

By Jos
Jul 24, 2012
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  1. Intel has confirmed it is working with Google to support newer versions of Android, including the latest Jelly Bean release, on smartphones and tablets powered by Atom processors. The company didn't share a time frame for when the Android 4.1……

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  2. "Intel's next-generation Atom chip for tablets, code-named Clover Trail, is being targeted for use only in devices with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS. Intel is not porting Android for Clover Trail tablets, and hopes to expand its presence in the tablet market primarily around Windows 8 and Clover Trail. Microsoft has also announced Windows RT for ARM processors."

    This is all you need to say. No Android for the new Intel Atom chips. Intel has decided to sit out the next year of the mobile revolution.
  3. Android + Atom = Atomicdroid.. Sounds unbeatable for me :p

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