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Nov 15, 2013
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  1. I have enabled RAID on my HDD and in the BIOS and finally put in a SSD 120gb that works. Now I don't know how to actually run the Intel Rapid Storage utility that I did do once before.

    I downloaded the files from Microsoft but like so many Windows 7 (64-bit) files there's no instruction of where to put them. A self installation would've been handy.

    So does anyone know how to set up IRS inside Windows 7? It's something to do with Administrative Tools but there's nothing showing in that menu when I go to Disk Management.

    Sounds simple but everyone seems to assume you set this thing up automatically.

    This is the setup as it shows from boot up.

    I managed to find the setup program on this link®+RST)&lang=eng

    After reboot I now get a separate Intel Rapid Storage Technology item on my menu but I can't see any command to accelerate the main C: drive using the SSD.

    Anything I need to do extra?
  2. TC Basset

    TC Basset TS Member Topic Starter

    I now get this screen using the program:


    You can see it's BLANK!

    What am I doing wrong as there are no commands to accelerate the main HDD?
  3. verneronomous

    verneronomous TS Enthusiast Posts: 43

    Which one is your main drive C: is it the terabyte or ssd? From what it looks like you have your larger drive as Main and that's why your not getting the options you are used to seeing. The SSD should be running your os and the terabyte for storage. Let me know how you have them.
  4. verneronomous

    verneronomous TS Enthusiast Posts: 43

    Also be sure to use ahci mode by activating in bios very important.
  5. TC Basset

    TC Basset TS Member Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply. The OS is on the main HDD C: drive; I'm trying to run the SSD as a shadow cache for the HDD using Intel Rapid Storage. It speeds up a normal HDD. I think there's something in the BIOS I've done wrong - in that screenshot up top there should be something in those areas Raid Volumes and None Defined.
  6. TC Basset

    TC Basset TS Member Topic Starter

    I added another 2TB HDD recently. Windows instantly started "mitigating" it then I looked at it through Intel Rapid Storage and chose Create Volume.

    I thought it would just make it another drive on my system but after leaving overnight when I rebooted it had been merged into the other drive.

    This is now my boot up screen - compare to the one above:

    It now says Raid Stripe and some Strip size. Its not what I intended but my HDD is running faster. My SSD is now shown on the starting screen before this one like this:

    You can just read it says SATA OCZ-AGILITY3 120GB 64b/s. I always had nothing on that screen before.

    Any advice would be helpful but otherwise I think the problem is fixed although not how I wanted it.

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