Intel test driver accidentally leaks names of upcoming GPUs

Daniel Sims

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What just happened? This week Intel briefly released a test driver on its website that revealed names and codenames for multiple upcoming GPUs, supporting ongoing rumors. Intel later took the driver down, indicating it was an accident.

Files inside test driver for the 11th generation Intel NUC Kit contained the full names of four Intel Arc graphics cards and an Intel Iris GPU, anonymous sources revealed to VideoCardz. They are the Arc A380, A350, A370M, A350M, and Iris Xe A200M. The first two arc models are dedicated GPUs, and the M models are for laptops. These might not be all the Arc models set to launch in early 2022.

The files seem to confirm previous rumors that Intel would name the Alchemist graphics cards after the first initials of their family names, which will go down the alphabet – A being short for Alchemist. The name A380 even appeared in a tweet at the start of this month, claiming it will perform similarly to Nvidia’s entry-level GTX 1650 Super, with 6GB of RAM.

The driver also mentions the codename “Elasti.” In May, YouTuber Moores Law Is Dead said Elasti refers to Intel’s Battlemage GPUs, currently expected to succeed Alchemist in 2023. Only two graphics cards appear under Elasti, but there will undoubtedly be more.

The integrated graphics for Intel’s next four generations of CPUs following Alder Lake also appear. Above and below Elasti are abbreviations mentioning Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake. Raptor Lake is expected to launch next year and Meteor Lake in 2023, with the other two following them.

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Im curious what this is going to do to GPU memory prices. I'm sure AMD and nVidia wont try to slow production down just because Intel is making GPUs. Even though there isn't currently a graphics memory shortage right now, this could create one


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Like any other launch of a new product, this will be a rough start, but if the GPU's take off and do well (relatively speaking) then we, as the consumer, have another player. But until things level out world wide, prices are going to be high no matter what. I'm still of the mindset that "normal" will take several years to come back (If it ever does)


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Leaked, then pulled. Yeah, I'll bet!
Most leaks are done on purpose, to get "free" publicity.