Intel's Core i9-12900K is up to 36 percent faster when you run it at maximum turbo power


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"accidentally posted...."

Ah yes, it's like "accidentally became pregnant".

The amount of Intel "accidental" leaks and posts is staggering (and TS is too willing to oblige)
... it's like almost those paid shills are working 24/7 to accidentally post dubious claims for the fanboys.
The thing is at this point, the journalists at Techspot know how Alder lake performs they just aren’t allowed to tell us yet. I’m willing to bet these “leaks” are on the money. We will find out in 3 days I guess.


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"This seems to confirm earlier rumors that Alder Lake CPUs will be cutting-edge space heaters."

I've been saying that for WEEKS now based on my 10850 experience. THEY ARE HOT AT LOAD! I run a distributing computing app that uses AVX - now image the heat with 10 HT cores running all out 24/7 at max clock. I'm interested to see just how red the glow is from running similarly on the 12900 with AVX.


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I bit too much hyperbole in this article for my taste. Starting to sound like Techspot are striving to be the "National Enquirer" of the technology sector.
"Burn a hole in your motherboard" - completely fake news; will not happen, ever? But I guess you could perhaps buy a mobo made in Nigeria that was made of cardboard without any resin and make it happen. Why doesn't Techspot include these Nigerian motherboards in their mobo reviews?
"Cutting edge space heaters" - "fake news again". Even the worst CPU invented are way to energy efficient to be used as space heaters by humans. "Mice" maybe, but not humans. Even the largest computer power supply cannot provide sufficient power to a wire space heater (the most efficient electricity to heat device) to heat any room but a small bathroom in NYC.
To throw some hyperbole back at you, but no fake news. You lack STEM knowledge and want the CPU to be that holy grail of non-STEM humans - "The Perpetual Motion Machine". Which, as STEM educated people know is banned by the Universe - the Laws of Thermodynamics.


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Says the dude who clearly doesnt understand how temperatures, TDP and power consumption are related lol.
Our Intel Core i9-12900K CPU used 469W in the stress tests at 5.3 GHz (~1.40V). Pushing the little cores may result in higher power consumption, though not as dramatic as the P-Cores. We rate it well over double the chip's PL1 TDP of 125W. Overclocking it will necessitate severe amounts of cooling to tame this beast.

"We did not want to push any higher due to energy consumption and thus inevitably heat. In a multi-threaded scenario you this gain roughly 5% performance.

Enjoy your microwave chips. this is on a 360mm high end water cool system LMAO. I think the 5950x hits maybe 200 max with enthusiast level OC and a board to allow that draw.

Any intel system expecting to actually see the 20-25% gains will cost an extra 300+ in PSU rating, cooling and airflow.