Intel's unreleased i7-11700K is being sold and shipped in Germany

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This last part. Third party reviews are going to be interesting to scrutinise for this detail. I want to see how this turns out on the final product.
Yeah, I want to see if they're as hard on Intel as they were on AMD for pricing. AMD deserved for them to be hard on them (I sure was) and Intel, even more so.


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Anyone else notice the curious reported specs between the 11700k and 11900k?

11700k 8c/16t 3.60ghz base

11900k 8c/16t 3.50ghz base

Naturally the Boost clock is higher on the 11900k, but I found it very curious that the base was allegedly slower on the 11900k than the 11700k but the cpu was more expensive still.
It's just so that they can specify a certain TDP on the package.