Internet connection issue

By robnnoel
Jan 15, 2010
  1. I am in a building where there is one wireless router used by everyone wanting to make a connection. The router has excellent connection strength throughout the buidling. If i take a few steps outside the room my computer states I have good or excellent connectivity but changes to aquiring a network address. It will never again pick up an address unless I walk back through the door.

    Any ideas why I can be getting good connections to the router but never pick up an address?
  2. Kevork

    Kevork TS Rookie Posts: 73


    Few items here that can play:

    1) Do you have a cordless phone in that room?
    2) Do you have a wireless suround sound system in that room?
  3. robnnoel

    robnnoel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is no cordless phone or surround sound system. This is actually a building used to house military students on site for school so there is little to no electronics other than personal computers.
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