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Internet issues. It's driving me bonkers!

By I'mGoingInsane · 7 replies
Jul 2, 2012
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  1. Well, about two weeks ago, my internet started to disconnect frequently throughout the day. Sometimes it reconnects automatically, sometimes I have to reconnect manually, and sometimes I even have to restart my computer.

    I thought maybe it was a router problem, so I bought a new router. The same thing is still happening. I thought it was a power issue, so I bought a new power supply. I thought it was a cable or filter issue, so I replaced those. No joy.

    Yesterday I reached the end of my rope, and called my ISP. I spoke to two different people. One said that it's a problem with the line, and it was their fault, so they performed a line test. Afterwards, I got transferred to another person, who said that the line test showed no faults.

    It does it on all of my devices, so I know it's not a computer issue. I know it's not a router issue because this has happened on two different routers. Could it be the telephone wiring around my home? I moved into this house three months ago after a long period of the property being unoccupied, and these problems only arose two weeks ago.

    Basically, I'm desperate. Sometimes the internet disconnects only once or twice a day, but other times this can happen between forty and a hundred times a day. I've exhausted every idea I've had as to what can be wrong, and I'm sick and tired of the stress. So basically what I'm asking is...what do you think is wrong?

    When I use the ethernet, the connection is perfect. But it's not conveinient as I move around a lot, so I'd really like to get my wireless connection fixed! And seeing as the ISP's have denied being at fault, I'm completely lost!

    I've really never appreciated my wireless internet until now, and I miss it.

    Sorry for the insanely long question, but I wanted to be specific in what I've tried/haven't tried.

    I look forward to your answers!
  2. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,020   +56

    Hi, Had exactly this fault a few years ago, turned out to be the USB wireless adapter. I was using a very well known quality brand, but I bought a TP Link 'G' USB adapter and the problem never showed again.
    That was a Packard Bell desktop, but if the problem is with a laptop, the problem could be with the built-in 802.11 board.
    If it's happening on several different PC's then that's not so easy, but worth trying different channels in the router setup, as you might be clashing with a neighbour's router.
    (The default ch is 11, but you can move it either side of that. )
  3. I'mGoingInsane

    I'mGoingInsane TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think the engineers could maybe fix that on Wednesday....

    So if it's happening with all of my devices, could they all have the same problem?
  4. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,020   +56

    Hi, Well they could but unlikely all to have the same fault.
    The situation is exactly what I had, I almost gave up.....
    I had perfect connection using ethercable to router, but wireless was good for a few minutes, then disconnect, 1 minute wait while Windows does it's thing, then connect again. For a while.....
    So I bought a £15 TP-Link wireless G USB, and voila, perfect.
    But there are a few other things to check. If using a USB wireless adapter, make sure the USB ports are not going into power saving mode. Check the router's lead where it plugs into the wall socket, if a home setup. If the phone socket has not been used for some time, it could well be worth replacing the wall socket.... in fact a BT engineer did that with mine, it had not been used for over 8 years here, it's just easier to start with known good kit.
  5. I'mGoingInsane

    I'mGoingInsane TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't connect my internet via a USB, so I'm guessing the problem is within my laptops. My ISP is TalkTalk...and I'm thinking the phone socket might have gone, but do you think the engineer will be able to fix it?
    I think TalkTalk are having issues, but they're denying it....
  6. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,020   +56

    Hi, I would say to replace the wall socket if it has not been used for a few years, the connections go dull and they were never designed for high speed data anyway. I'm not sure if you are in the UK, but if you are then BT should do the work, but you can buy the 'plate' and fit it yourself. It is just 2 screws to remove, and the panel is loose, just swap over for a new one.
    Cost is about £5 for the standard plate and £8 for the 'I-plate' but it may not give more speed, it's more about less interference.
    If you are in the UK, note that you should not do any mods to the wiring, but I know you can replace the front plate, it just plugs into the fixed part on the wall.
    Of course if you have several pc's or laptops, you can work out if the problem is with one pc or all, I didn't have another to try, and the problem was the USB wireless adapter part, the router side was the normal Netgear version supplied by SKY.
    Where I am, I can detect over 10 wireless signals, so now I use a 10 meter long CAT5e cable running right through the house, front to back.
    I tread on it everyday, but it's faster than wireless and safer anyway, I'll stick with it for now.
  7. I'mGoingInsane

    I'mGoingInsane TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yep, I'm in the UK and with TalkTalk. Do you think they'll replace the wall socket for me? I'm not brave enough to do it myself, lol.
  8. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,020   +56

    Hi, The situation is that the master socket is the responsibility of BT and they must do the wiring work on it.
    The front plate has no wiring, it's held on with 2 screws, and inside is a plug, same shape as phone plug which plugs into the fixed part on the wall. My house was built in 1999, but I didn't get a phone 'till 2010. The BT engineer arrived to check line quality, and she told me about the ' I plate' and how it just replaces the front part of the plastic box. It does not affect the wiring, or the fixed part of the master socket. There is no wiring to do.
    For me, a new plastic front plate was fitted by BT, as an upgrade.
    The 'I-plate' is shielded, and is more about keeping the wireless signals from multiple pc's from getting into the wiring. It may give a speed boost, but it's not made for that reason.
    For the price of a USB adapter, it might be worth trying one, at worst it would rule out the problem in the 802.11g board inside your pc.
    Note that the TP link 'G' version seems to have gone out of production, the 'N' version covers 'G' also. If you have an 'N' router you would get better wireless signals too. The wireless adapter and the router do not need to be the same brand.
    (* I am typing a lower case I (9th letter of alphabet) but the text shows a capital 'I'. Is it me, or the parser?)

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