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  1. Hi all, due to the fact that i am sharing a pc with 3 users including myself i often run out of internet data quickly( this mainly due to the fact that i can only afford a prepaid plan) so my question is this is : is there any windows based software which will allow me to put a data usage limit for each user and stop once they have used all their data?

    ps: im fairly new here so sorry if im posting in the wrong section
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    Seems decent but it doesn't seem to have the ability to set data usage limits and deny users Internet access once they have reached their limit
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    I don't think you'll ever find free software that will throw a brick wall as in "Access Denied", because of the very fact that you could pretty much always get round in manualy using windows itself.

    There is of course heavy duty software like what's used in schools and the like (like sort of parent control software), but this stuff is almost going to be payed for software.

    Stuff like this:

    A free trial can be downloaded which is quite good.

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