Internet Security 2010

By Killer198509
Jan 16, 2010
  1. Not an old virus i think.
    I managed to remove it with help of Mal ware Bytes
    But now i am stuck with another problem.
    From the virus it has had added something to my internet browser.
    I am not looking to reformat.

    It tells me site such as Facebook, Myspace, Google are Restricted Sites!
    I am unaware of this problem and never had it occurred before.
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Please follow the steps HERE.

    When finished, attach the 3 logs for review.

    NOTE: Be sure to check the lines in both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware to remove what they find.

    I'll see if anything needs to be removed in HijackThis, so you don't remove any entries in that.
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