Internet trolls in Britain could face up to two years jail under proposed legislation


TechSpot Paladin
Don't you still get the part on the "troll" vs. the real life threatening/stalker/psychopath guy??

For those who still complain about "freedom of speech" in this, is the same as I complain about my right to hear music at 100000db without regard to my neighbor, my rights are untouched until I piss on the right of the next guy, that's not freedom, that's libertinage.

Raoul Duke

If people can't learn to regulate their own behaviour the State will be happy to do it for you.

Raoul Duke

It always seems that there are a few that fuc* it up for the many, however as time goes on I'm wondering if that phrase 'the few fuc* it up for the many' should be reversed.


TS Booster
This has the potential to become another 'Dangerous Dogs Act'. That is a Act of Parliament rushed though without thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately there have been too many Acts passed which have been rushed thanks to politicians being pressured by the media