Is it possible to reinstall/repair Windows Media Player 12?

By kElevrA
Mar 28, 2010
  1. Hi there,

    So in my stupidity I tried to adjust my downgrade my wmp, deleting and adjusting registry files in the process, only to find out I never needed to in the first place. Basically, I wanted the taskbar wmp back which is no longer a feature in 12 and I followed this guide to do it:

    However, I soon found out that it is seriously outdated and that there is another fix. So my question is basically:

    Is there any way to reinstall/repair windows media player 12?
    OR Is there any way to reverse the process of editing the registry and wmp files(see guide)?

    I have already tried the following:

    • Disabling and re-enabling via "Turn Windows Features On/Off"
    • Using "Fix WMP Utility"

    • Looking for a download link (Haven't found one thus far)

    I've spent hours trying to fix this stupid mistake to no avail. If anyone does know a way or has ANY advice, I will be eternally grateful even if it is a long shot.
  2. kollkolen

    kollkolen TS Rookie

    I guess you have Winamp installed. Do you ever use Winamp Remote? It's a media streaming tool so that you can listen to your music from your computer on another computer over the internet. If you don't use it, I'd just uninstall that component of Winamp.
  3. kElevrA

    kElevrA TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea I do. Can you elaborate a little on how it'll help? I don't think I installed winamp until after I had given up on trying to fix wmp but I could be wrong.
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