Is Reballing/Reworking/Reflushing a dying trade? I've been offered a job for that.

By rodion15
Jul 4, 2016
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  1. Hi. I'd appreciate any knowledgeable opinions on this.
    I've been offered a job and I'd love to learn Reballing/Reworking/Reflushing. I have some experience with soldering and Electronics too.

    I wonder if it's really worth learning this trade as it's a lengthy learn and I'm not sure if it's be used in the future to repair computers.

    Many thanks
  2. bazz2004

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    I think you are right to question the future of such work. I'm currently posting from a Sony Vaio that was one of the huge number of laptops that incorporated the infamous nVidia 8400 graphics chip. There is a temporary fix with a reflow, or re-balling for more money, but the chips were defective and the only worthwhile solution was to replace them using an unbelievably expensive workstation. My DIY reflow lasted a few months only and then the chip died. I removed the motherboard again and found a Vaio specialist who did a good job fitting a modified chip. Manufacturers must have learned the lessons of this fiasco and I'd doubt that this line of work is the best to pursue. We are in a throw away society and stripping down laptops for repair is expensive. The cost of repairing an older laptop won't compare well with the cost of replacing it with a superior piece of kit. I must add that I have no knowledge of the computer repair business but these businesses are rapidly disappearing.
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  3. BadDog101

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    I used to repair electronic equipment, including computers, down to component level.
    Nowadays it's more cost efficient to just throw away and get a new one.
    There are a few exceptions, of course. Refurbishing some equipment is done
    for resale by a few companies. If I could buy a refurbished hard drive for half
    the price of a new one, I'd buy the new one. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.
    Get into computers and networking for a job that will still be around for a good while.
    Good luck.

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