Is Robocopy slow?


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I'm using Robocopy in my Windows 10 PC, to back up to an external 3.5" hard drive mounted on a docking station (SATA to USB) on a USB 3.0 port.

I suspect it is slow compared to just a drag-and-drop with File Explorer or using a back-up software such as Macrium. I haven’t tested this, I’m backing up now for the first time like this, I may be wrong. It's been 5 hours to back up 250GB!.

Is Robocopy inherently slow? Perhaps because it’s very thorough in regards to integrity?

This is the command I'm using: Robocopy F:\ D:\ /MIR /R:0 /MT:32 /NP /B /SL /SJ /NFL /NDL /LOG:"C:\Users\JohnK\Documents\Backup.log"

I’m thinking Robocopy may be more suited to other type of backups. Any opinions much appreciated.


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I'm using Acronis software. On average it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to backup 20 to 30 GB of data. The data rate should have a linear scale. I'm not familiar with Robocopy but data rates should be similar.

For reference; I'm using a USB drive to boot from. And writing the image of an SSD to the same USB drive.


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Maybe Robocopy in this case depended on your device default resources, So tools that depend on multi-threading technology will be robust and quick like the tool mentioned "Macrium" and also there are some alternatives if you love to check out like Gs Richcopy360 and GoodSync