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IT Staff needed or not?

By hamuod
Mar 3, 2016
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  1. I have currently 75 desktop users and and 8 exch/dc/etc servers , 2 firewalls,2 routers , 14 printers, 50 smart phones, 100 normal phones, 30 ip cameras, 2 storage arrays.

    in addition I take care of mobile sims new/suspend/credit limit, backups, testing backups, vpn support to remote users, erp support, keep inventory, wireless connectivity support, talking to vendors, saving cost by buying the best hardware or solution., controlling cost for IT, off office hours support., testing new software,
    I just want to know if it will be good decession to get 1 desktop support guy to help me ? currently I am alone doing all this.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    It would seem to be self-evident - - that's a lot of equipment and several IT Job Titles there.
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  3. hnbp16

    hnbp16 TS Rookie

    Definitely YES! Hire suitable specialists in order to be able to manage the staff and get maximum benefit from all this equipment.
  4. JJ Shephard

    JJ Shephard TS Member

    If at all you need a standby/support assistant in cases of emergency or need a break even, then by all means I'd suggest someone to support you.

    I personally don't have that type of experience you have with so many devices and desktops under my administration, however in the field I have worked in I did automate most of the processes of my job, which has greatly increased productivity in other areas. At the same time not making myself redundant but if the need arised for a replacement be it for a long or short term the transition would go reasonably smooth with little training needed. So if you do get a support assistant it may be easier handing over certain tasks to manage that you have already automated for the most part but just needs regular maintenance and a keen eye.

    Often techies excel in the technical but fall short in time and other management areas, it really does help to get extra help and advice to cover all aspects of your job. You’d be surprised how much you can multiply your productivity and in turn revenue (if that is directly affected) with the right management in place.

    All the best in your work place!

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