Jack Black is launching his own gaming-focused YouTube channel


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The channel, called Jablinski Games, will feature “games, food, and life.” In the initial 30-second clip, Black says the project will be bigger than both Ninja and PewDiePie.

While some might have concerns about an established actor with plenty of financial backing coming onto YouTube, Black emphasizes that all the behind the scenes work is carried out by his son. “I just want to clarify that there is no production behind this,” Black wrote. “This is all my son. He’s holding me hostage and I can’t be Tracer. Help...”

As noted by The Verge, the involvement of Black’s son may explain some elements of the channel. In addition to mentioning the Tracer meme from Tic Tok and the multiple PewDiePie references, the “Who created Kirby” meme—a joke that refers to a Google glitch in which a large black man appeared when users searched for “who created Kirby?”—is the channel’s banner.

Black says the first video will arrive tomorrow, Friday 28th December, with a new episode launching every subsequent Friday. The intro clip alone has already gained over two million views, so you can expect the channel to become very popular. Whether it will eventually surpass the 78 million subscribers PewDiePie boasts is another matter.

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Wish I could produce that quality of 30 second clip and get 2m views/600k subs.

Subscribed. I'm confident this is the perfect idea for Jack Black.