John Carmack isn't excited about next generation gaming consoles

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Jun 22, 2012
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  1. the more mesh u build in game u need more gpu memory... also particle explosion, reflection in water etc are gpu calculation, cpu can not render realtime.... it calculate many a things bur gpu share the load. also producing endless destructible world would be very resource consuming and doesnt add much to game experience (I mean it will be 200% work you will gain 20% experience)...
  2. Scavengers

    Scavengers TS Booster Posts: 110   +21

    Thats not what he said. He said "It had beautiful graphics and very satisfying weapons and enemies."

    You just cut his statement where it suited you.

    What the hell? Do you work at Fox News?

  3. So what he is saying is, when the next gen consoles arrive they will be at where PC's were at 2yrs ago..

    Oh if you plan on buying a "next gen" console you might wanna think of it as "PC's old gen".
  4. Love him, hate him, Carmack's focus has always been on extremely fast engines and he's merely developing faster VR goggles to promote that same agenda. What he fails to mention is that while faster and better graphics may not be terribly exciting for developers it is an important step towards raising the average quality of AAA video game graphics high enough to make them attractive for full length feature films. Just recently the aging Source engine was licensed to make a feature film and the ability to create a big budget movie and video game using the exact same graphics is the future of the industry as video game budget continue to explode through the roof and the two industries continue to merge.
  5. Actually, I do watch the old-style animation movies. Batman:Under the Red Hood is an incredible piece of art. So is Justice League:Crisis on Two Earths. The Batman(and Superman) Animated series. I love hard drawn animations. I think the new CGI animated movies are okay but most of them seem to lack substance. That may be because most of them are geared towards children. If the DC people would switch from hand-drawn to CGI animated movies and brought the substantive story lines and adult content along with them, I would probably like CGI as much as hand-drawn. But the point is, whether hand-drawn or CGI, graphics alone can't make a good movie.
  6. Irishgamer

    Irishgamer TS Rookie

    His last game...rage....proved he is a has been...
    His betrayed pc gamers.

    Frankly who cares what he has to say
  7. IvanAwfulitch

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    Better graphics rendering from consoles is precisely what the gaming industry needs. Game graphics have been dumbed down for years just so that they could work on console ports. Better graphics across the board means games will get much more beautiful if consoles don't hold developers back anymore.

    Nothing to be excited about? Stfu Carmack. We needed this. It's been a long time coming, and it's finally here. Now you're going to tell everyone how lame it is? Screw you. We NEED games with better directx capabilities that work on all platforms.
  8. We already have virtual reality though...

    I have 3 monitors when playing Battlefield... I just need a room of monitors is all... lol
  9. It's a superficial world we live in so graphics are paramount to the most profitable demographic. Therefore Carmack is just blowin hot air, salty that he's getting old and irrelevant.
  10. amstech

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    John Carmack is one of the core creators of the FPS genre and has did more for videogames in our lifetime then some company's as a whole.
    Todays shooters are, in a way, indirectly created by him. To hear people bash him and call his opinion meaningless shows their immaturity and/or lack of understanding for the PC platform as we know it.

    I've been doing this since the Voodoo days and my first real GPU, a Voodoo Banshee 16MB PCI, since PC Accelerator, since the first Unreal released on PC, when Half-Life made any console game in its time look like an Atari game. A common theme for PC's since the PC enthusiast age was born, and to hear people attempt to belittle Carmack since he hasn't done anything lately is nothing short of a short-sited, foolish remark.
  11. Scavengers

    Scavengers TS Booster Posts: 110   +21

    I couldnt agree with you more but it will fall on deaf ears for the most part Im sure. Instant gratification is the only thing these little ***** boys understand. It is truly a "what have you done for me lately" mentality and the fact that Carmack is the pioneer of the FPS genre wont fit in between their sniffles and whines.

  12. Nice hair style, he looks like Cody in SF4 IMHO :D
  13. LNCPapa

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    I third what amstech posted... I can't believe how short people's memories are around here. I've had to force myself to be quiet in this thread.
  14. inMikeWeTrust_

    inMikeWeTrust_ TS Rookie

    Not really, you just described Battlefield 3 on the PC version which you can do that now with mid-range video cards and any CPU that has 4 cores.
  15. yukka

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    Sorry but as a fan of Carmack since Wolfenstein and Doom (probably a fanboi to be honest, the games ID brought out were the best around back then) I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Jon is stating the bleeding obvious.

    Everyone has massive tellies and wants massively cool graphics running at **** hot frames. If there were more processors, memory and cores available to these consoles, you can bet they would still be funnelled into the most important thing that is most noticeable to people - thats making the games look as awesome as possible.

    Its like a motorway, open more lanes and people will fill it with cars. Give more bandwidth/cores/etc to a console game programmer and they will fill it with graphics. If they don't then their competitor will do that to their game so it will look better and thats what people will buy.

    Whats crazy is when I look back at Doom vs Quake vs Quake 2. Quake 2 was way too easy and you couldn't have half the monstors on the screen that you had in doom because of the 3D graphics engine. Thats John Carmack pumping all the processing into the graphics at the expense of the gameplay right here. Same thing hes pointing out here. Not impressed, just a publicity stunt.
  16. When Matrox released their last gaming video card, Parhelia, this John Carmack guy poured **** over it. A few days later he published an excuse, because he misread something or didn't understand something. But the damage was done - imagine a new product being released and such a big figure in gaming says it's crap. The thing about Matrox Parhelia was innovation - it offered, for instance, anti-aliasing method that no other card could match - and still barely can, after so many years. I forgot what jagged edges look like while I was using Parhelia. That was a gaming changing experience for me, and Carmack poured **** over it. Probably he, as a businessman (read: *****), was bought by NVidia to say that Matrox is crap. But I don't care, it's just that since then I don't believe a single word he says. It's laughable he talks now about lack of innovation. He pours **** over consoles only because he's making a VR headset which he plans to sell. Even though VR headsets are around for ages, I had one 16 years ago. What an innovation.
  17. Scavengers

    Scavengers TS Booster Posts: 110   +21

    Come on man. The Parhelia was around $450 if memory serves and barely peformed as well as previous generation of cards by nvidia and ati. It also didnt support Dx9.

  18. McNasty

    McNasty TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Who cares what John "Cashout" Carmack has to say.
    The guy has been sitting on a heap of cash with all the resources in the world at his finger tips and the best he could do was RAGE, pfft.

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