Jumping the gun with GTX 680

By dividebyzero
Mar 16, 2012
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  1. For those of you interested in the ongoing GPU saga that is Kepler, HKEPC have thoughtfully provided a complete lack of interest in NDA...

    The highpoints (link #1)
    Some some software/hardware talking points. A new antialiasing algorithm (TXAA) which is touted -in it's lowest mode- to be comparable to 16xMSAA for a performance hit of <2xMSAA (Highest mode, TXAA2 is said to offer greater than 16xMSAA for a 4xMSAA performance hit)
    Desktop Kepler allows four screens to be run from a single card.
    Introduction of Adaptive V-Sync.
    Dynamic GPU clocking

    Architecture (link #2)

    Die size is apparently 294mm², transistor count 3.54 billion.

    Basic benchmarks (link #3)

    So far it's looks like business as usual -i.e. if you want some extra fps then expect to pay for it. The other tech associated with the architecture on the other hand looks to be very interesting.
    Just a suggestion: Maybe we can keep the discussion -if there is any, on topic and RELEVANT to the subject.

    Note: The HKEPC site is getting hammered at the present time. A poster at B3D thoughtfully grabbed the images

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