Knocked over a running HDD

I am scanning a 10TB WD external usb HDD just now. Using a free product HDDSCAN v4.1 The drive was running while standing (properly) on end and I knocked it over on its side. Running a 'butterfly' test and problem #1 is it is going to take the rest of my life to do a full scan (slight sarcasm). #2 I really don't know a butterfly scan from any other scan. 3. I am only 6% done and it has been running almost 12 hours.

I am wondering if any conclusion can be made from the report on a 6% scan as I don't relish spending 2 weeks or more scanning this drive. Here is the report so far ... blocks ranging up to 204ms (only 1 block), most around 60ms). Please see attachment ... highlighted in yellow and thank you in advance..


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I have never used your HDD program but a drop on a running drive can make the hard drive head crash into the surface of the platter which could leave a physical mark and ruin the data there (Make it unreadable). The drop could also damage the read/write head. The head is supposed to ride on a cushion of air that keeps the head above the platter but it might still be able to touch the platter if it is subjected to enough G force from a drop. Some of the newer drives are totally sealed and have helium inside (lower density).

With the low cost of today's drives, you could elect to copy any and all readable data to a new drive while you still can. I assume the drive is still readable?