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By johnjr11591
May 21, 2011
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  1. i have gotton a laptop with a everything but it wont charge shows a picture of a plug and the battery with a X so i have to keep my laptop pluged in to use it my problem is that its not chargeing and the battery was bought not to long ago what can i do to charge this battery its a good battery iv had it tested it not connecting and iv put another battery in and it works this battery this computer and this charger =no charge
  2. Zen

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    The first quick fix that I would recommend, as to see if we can get your battery to charge is this. Take your battery in your hand, carefully inspect the gold tipped connector points, where the battery makes it's electrical connection to the lap top. Inspect those ends, see if they have any dirt, dust, film or build up on them, if they don't shine as bright as a new penny, you then might want to clean of the end connectors. Take some rubbing alcohol, a couple q-tips, and carefully clean the tips off, allow 10-15 minutes to dry and then hook the battery back up to the lap top and see if it starts charging.

    There's a couple more quick fixes up my sleeve, but I just want to see if this first one will do the trick.

    Please let us know if this works or not!

    Good luck.................:)
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    So I think you said that it works with other batteries; if that's the case then the battery's dead even if it's decently new.

    If you want you can take it apart and check the voltages on each individual 18650 cell if you want, then charge/balance them if they're unhappy.
    If any of the cells are below 2v~3v or above 4.3v, then toss them.
    Note that Samsung ICR18650-30's are .15v higher.

    Of course if you check/charge the cells individually, you need to make sure your charger's good.

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