Laptop DVD Drive Error Message

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May 23, 2009
  1. I have a Compac Presario 2500 (2570us) Laptop with a Toshia DVD Rom Drive SD-R 2312. The DvD drive started to give a error message. "C:\program~\symantec\532event|,dll. An installable Virtual Device Driver Failed dll initialization." Would not read some disc. Drive is working. Error message shows up on all cd or dvd. I have Windows XP installed.

    Recently. I installed Explorer 8 then a week later uninstalled Explorer 8 may have something to do with the error. Not sure because the DVD drive has not been used for months. Just a thought. How can I fix this problem?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Do you have Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed?
    They both create Virtual DVD drives.
    Either or both can cause the kind of problem you report.
  3. fastco

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    In addition to what B00kWyrm said, uninstall whatever Symantec software you have on the computer, use Ccleaner to clean the registry and restart. See if the errors are gone.
  4. tcbrb46

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    Thanks for the repsonse, but no I don't have either one of those programs installed.
  5. tcbrb46

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    Thanks for the reply. I checked Control Panel Add and Remove Programs. Did not find Symantec software. Is there other files I could check for this program or whats left of this program? I use CCleaner regularly and this did not change the problem. Also, in my description it is S32 event and not 532 event. Sorry.
  6. B00kWyrm

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    Here for the Norton / Symantec Removal Tool...

    Here is one person's explanation for why...

    Note that they reference exactly the problem dll that you mention.

    I was unable to make sense fully of your original note without the correction to s32, note that it is also "event1" not "event|".

    Note that other threads here on Techspot also reference using Symantec's removal tool, and in one thread Kimsland provides some additional tools, including a regedit. Please note that Regedits are not usually recommended. If you think you need to do a regedit, I would advise that you post another thread specifically requesting help with the process and why. But lets see how the removal too works for you first, okay?
  7. tcbrb46

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    Laptop DVD Drive Error Message

    I downloaded the removal tool. Everything is back to normal. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. B00kWyrm

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    Thanks to Fastco for catching that it was Symantec...:grinthumb
    I guess we'll call this "case/thread closed"?
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