Laptop keeps turning off when playing video's or games

Hi Guys

I have a Dell latitude ES5500 which is a recon model
It works fine and on start up I hear the fan going. (so I don't think this is the problem)
All of the airways are clear.
When the laptop first arrived I could get 4-5 mins of video or game time before it shut off, it is now down to virtually straight away.
The laptop does not feel hot to touch either and when turned back on will perform any other function ie e mails word processing database and excel etc without a problem.
I can go on facebook and read post search the internet with no problems but as soon as I try to run a video or play a game it drops straight out.
I have to hold the button down to shut the laptop off and then it will restart with no bother.
This is fairly frustrating and I was wondering if anyone had any advice/ solutions to this?


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It's worth installing HWMonitor or SpeedFan to check temperatures when you are playing video. My laptop fan doesn't kick in until the GPU temperature gets to 60c and it then drops rapidly to about 50c whereas your fan is working from start up.
Thanks for your reply Baz. The fan only kicks in for a short while approx 30secs on start up. I have an interactive cd which accesses the net to work it also has interactive graphics when I am using this cd and I click on the interactive graphics the fan kicks in and runs for a while and I do not have any bother with the laptop dropping out. It's really strange. where can I get a HWMonitor?
I have an update. Whilst playing a video from facebook on mute in a quiet room I heard a crackling sound from behind the top left corner of the laptop keyboard somewhere under the Lattitude logo. I could not hear the fan running but there seemed to be air movement allbeit cool