Laptop shuts down without warning or message on any higher GPU load (3D render)

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I have an Asus Rog Strix GL702ZC laptop.
RX 580
Ryzen 1600
Win10 x64 on 500GB SSD + secondary 1TB HDD
Every time I open any video game on either disk (SSD or HDD) the laptop will shut itself down. The problems started appearing after I gave the laptop to a service company which cleaned it and reapplied thermal paste. When I got it back, every time I tried to open a game, the laptop would shut itself down (not restart). No messages (no BSOD of any kind), no alerts or warnings. Event viewer shows no errors. HDD is new and SMART reports perfect (HDD sentinel, crystaldiskinfo, cmd command), same with the SSD. Chkdsk shows no errors or bad sectors or anything like it. I seriously doubt it is a software problem (ROG gaming center doesn't want to turn on though and it can control the fan speed). My previous post was about a dying Firecuda SSHD. I thought it died on it's own, but now I suspect that the cleaning service might have f*ed something up with reassembly, which caused the unsafe shutdown, which killed the SSD part of the SSHD, rendering it complete I suspect the following:
- Faulty adapter (not likely)
- Faulty battery (maybe)
- The heatsink or fans were not properly put into place or some other "overheat" fail safe that the CPU triggers in case of overheating (I do hear and feel the fans spinning though)

So, what do you think could be the problem here? Everything works perfectly, except for higher temps. I give the laptop to the experts to clean it. When I get it back, every time I try to open any GPU intensive app (from SSD or HDD, game or bench...) the laptop shuts itself down immediately. There is no integrated GPU so I don't think the GPU is faulty since I can boot up and view videos and films. I did a RAM check and it reported everything fine.

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Update: If I remove the battery by opening the laptop up and disconnecting it from the bios and run it only with the help of the adapter, the Novabench GPU lasts about 6 seconds instead of <1 (CPU still can be stressed and benched without any problems) when the battery is disconnected.

Update 2: Same thing if I start up any 3d program while only running on battery power. It won't shut off immediately, but after 5-15 seconds
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What are your CPU and GPU temps while idle? While gaming?

Idle around 40-60 degrees Celsius, full load 70-80. Of course, after the cleanup from the service guys, I did 0 gaming or benchmarking or anything 3D related because the laptop would shut down completely as soon as anything GPU intensive is loaded. Also this problem fried my SSHD. Because SSHD loads the frequently played games into the flash memory, and anything 3d related being completely unusable, the nand memory got fried on the instant shutdown which killed the whole disk.