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Laptop with no internet access

By Edsalbo
Jan 28, 2014
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  1. HI! I read the whole thing but I 've certainly gotten lost in a few parts, I believe I have a similar issue. I have laptop with windows 7 and it ha dbeen connecting to wifi for almost a year already with no problem, all of a sudden for the past few days it started showing the DAMN yellow triangle and its always "no internet access" , cant surf the web, but my iphone and my neighbour who im splitting the bill with are connecting just fine. Also when connected to an ethernet cable it works (it actually very clearly show the name of my wireless network with the words "no internet access" beneath and then the name of the wired network HOME 20b2 with the words "internet access" beneath) and thats how im typing this right now. I havent made any changes in the last two days. I downloaded Advanced system care 7, driver booster and malware fighter all from IObit but that was last week I dont see why it didnt make the wifi faili right away assuming it was that... this just happened 2 days ago,, the only thing downloaded by my brother was the facebook video callin add on which I uninstall already to rule it out. I have ran ipconfig and as far as I understand (which is not a lot) eveything seems to be in order,,,, dhcp is enabled....,, I checked the properties of the network and both the internet protocol TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 are enabled and set to automatically obtain IP address and DNS server...) ive tried other things here and there,, like uninstalling third party applications like apple BONJOUR and,,, uninstalling avg (which was expired anyway,,, although it never gave me tha tissue before),, I also turned off windows firewall for a minute just to see,... but nothing works....... as soon as I unplug ethernet and connect to wireless it connects at first without the warning sign but as soon as I try to open a website it appears and fails surfing....... I dont know what to do..
    I can copy the ipconfig results or anything you'd like...

    ONE MORE THING I CAN actually log in to the routers default gateway even while on wireless and no internet access displays.

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  2. verneronomous

    verneronomous TS Enthusiast Posts: 42

    Advance System Care years ago used to be ok but tends to be mainstream and allows third party applications to install on there own if you are not careful. Get rid of anything Iobit related that is al junk I dont care what anybody says I remove it because after careful research Malwarebytes will tell you that it is malware. Anyway sounds like you could have an issue with a virus or malware being what you have downloaded. I would try to run malwarebytes to see if anything comes up if you are not familiar with it here is a link to download it. I understand you do not have internet so you will have to download it to a flash drive and run it on the computer. Post what it finds and we will go from there. If you can wire in and get internet let mek now that also. But it sounds like that wont work either due to the nature of your issue. http://ninite.com/malwarebytes/

    Also what I would do is try to attempt a system restore back to when the first issue came up. That way you might be able to go back in time before the issues but if it is a virus this wont work. Just an idea./
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