'Lara Croft Go' is a turn-based Tomb Raider puzzle game for mobile devices

Shawn Knight

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A little over a year ago, Square Enix released a mobile version of its classic Hitman game. Complex titles like that typically don't translate well to mobile which is why the developer crafted a completely different experience with Hitman Go, a virtual board game of sorts. It was a complete surprise that ended up becoming one of the best puzzle games yet for mobile.

Square Enix has taken a somewhat similar approach with its latest title from perhaps its most beloved franchise, Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based game in which players swipe to advance the Tomb Raider star through each course. Players must evaluate each move carefully to take into consideration different paths, switches, enemies and more. Upon each move, the environment reacts to Croft’s new position.

There are a variety of hazards that can be used both against and in Croft’s favor. What’s more, some enemies can only be defeated when approached from specific angles or from a distance via projectile-based weapons.

Visually, the game looks a lot like Monument Valley, another popular puzzle game for mobile devices. I haven’t personally played it yet although most reviews I’ve seen speak highly of it. As The Verge concludes, it’s not only a really great puzzle game, it also fits perfectly into the Tomb Raider universe.

Lara Croft Go is available as of writing for Android, iOS and Windows Phone priced at $4.99.

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Hallelujah. Windows Phone gets some love. Although I now use Android I once used Windows Phone and loved it. I honestly don't think its as crippled as people make it out to be but either way some official support from big names is a good thing?


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What I don't get, from the video, is that Lara has two pistols on her and instead she has to throw spears.