LCD Back Light or Windows error?

By Scottintexas
Aug 7, 2009
  1. When I boot up my laptop the start up text appears on the screen but as soon as Windows begins to load the screen goes black. Connecting a second monitor show everything running like it shoud and there seems to be no other problem with my computer. Is this the back light or is there something in Windows I can look at. I have check drivers, etc. and I have made sure that both monitors are activated and have clicked on the "Extend desktop to this monitor" in the properties.

    The first time this happened the Geek at Best Buy said it was the back light. I don't know if he would just say that to get the work or if it was true. The other problem with going to these places is they want to wipe your hard drive as the first step,no matter what you are there for. When I made him write "Do not wipe the drive" on the repair contract he nearly didn't take the computer. I'll do it myself this time if I can get some confirmation from someone.

    My Lap Top
    Toshiba Satellite M-45 S331
    1.49 Gb Ram
    Windows XP Home Version 2002 SP3

    Thanks for your intput,

  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Toshiba has been having a lot of problems with that laptop, and the replacement of the inverter card is not a good fix. Can you trade it for a different model, as this is the second failure.
    You are almost certain to have it go out again. This costs Best Buy money as well.
    Shoot for a replacement with a different model.
  3. Scottintexas

    Scottintexas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply. My computer is too old to try and get Best Buy to swap with a newer model. I have a secondary lap top, a Dell. It's just that transferring files from one to the other is a real pain. What I need is one of those large external drives. Put everything on it and move on. The problem is that I have my Visual Studio on the Toshiba and The disks are unreadable so I can't install them on my Dell. Microsoft wont return my mail or calls to help me get new disks or to tell me what to do to transfer the package. With all of their tests to check for valid packages they'll see a different computer and flip a switch to kill my Visual Studio.
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