Leaked Intel roadmap details upcoming Nehalem CPUs

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A roadmap showing upcoming mobile and desktop processors based on Intel's Nehalem architecture has been leaked to Japanese site PC Watch. Although some of the information was already available through earlier leaks and rumors based on anonymous inside sources, the roadmap extends into the second part of 2010 and shows a number of previously unmentioned chips in various price segments and with different capabilities.

On the mobile front, for example, the three Core i7 Clarksfield processors that were recently rumored for September are said to carry 8MB of cache on all but the slowest model and will apparently have plenty of headroom for increased clock speeds. Specifically, the 1.6GHz Core i7 720QM should scale up to 2.8GHz; the 1.73GHz 820QM up to 3.06GHz; and the 2GHz 920XM to 3.2GHz. The speed bumps will come through Turbo Boost, a feature that allows active cores to clock themselves up or down in steps of 133MHz as needed, as long as the CPU's predetermined thermal and electrical requirements are still met.

The quad-core Clarksfield parts should cost between $340 and $1,000 and will be joined in early 2010 by Arrandale dual-core chips, drawing 18W to 35W, as well as Intel’s Atom / Pineview series on the value end.

On the desktop side, two of the first Lynnfield processors to debut in Q3 2009 will be branded the Core i7 860 (2.83 to 3.46GHz) and Core i7 870 (2.93 to 3.6GHz), with the former getting a less power hungry version next year. Core i5 will refer to Lynnfield chips with quad cores, Turbo Boost and no Hyper-Threading; and will also debut in Q3 2009 as the 750 part clocked between 2.66 and 3.2GHz. There’s a lot more information to digest here, so you might want to look over the roadmap images yourself to get the whole scoop.

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That 6 core joint is gonna taste soo good, although it doesnt list them there I bet there will be different flavors of the 6 core processor


Intel is charging a lot for these processors. I really hope AMD can catch up soon and provide some competition to make these prices more reasonable.


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Intel core duo still really offer super fast performance especially when OC. I see really no reason to go with the core i7 for a long while. Way over priced!


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I remember saying how sweet it would be to have 8MB of cache in a laptop when these new processors were announced.
Dreams can come true. The next dream is being able to justify spending a whole lot of money (the first laptops with these processors are going to be damn expensive) on a new laptop when the old beast with a pentium dual coreT3210 and 2GB of memory is adequate for my needs (even runs a virtual instance of Vista no problem).
This would be pretty good if paired with a good graphics chip-set for gaming.
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