LED TV connects to router but not internet

Hello friends first time, long time. And essentially I have a dreaded problem with my "smart TV".

I have one of the Samsung Led Tv's but an older model like a series 5 or 6. The T.V. has been working fine for the year and a half I've had it. The software updated itself multiple times and nothing ever happened. However last night I had to move furniture around and left my modem and my wireless router disconnected for a good 2 or 3 hrs. This action apparently reset my wireless router. I reset the network and essentially created a new one. I connected an XBOXONE, 3 laptops, 1 tablet and 2 phones and a wireless printer to the network and they all work fine. But for some reason the LED does not want to connect to the internet.

At first it was the apps that didn't connect and essentially the entire machine could not do anything related to the internet. So I went online and tried all kinds of tricks which included doing a factory reset, but that didn't work. Also I tried to manually plug those google DNS numbers of and and no cigar. I tried a few cycles where I unplugged the T.V. and the router and modem for a few minutes and nothing. I called my ISP Time Warner Cable who said the problem was with Samsung. I contacted Samsung and got no response. I contacted the manufacturer of the wireless router (Medialink) who told me to change the encryption and the WPS settings. I played around with the WPA AND WPA 2 and the WPA AND WPA2 AND THE AES AND THE TKIP AND BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. And absolutely nothing works the crooked thing still wont connect to the internet. I have read somewhere that for people with comcast routers they needed to get rid of parental settings but my router doesn't have that. I tried to disable WPS and that made it worse. So I put everything back the way it was. I don't know if the issue has anything to do with static vs Dynamic Ips or what. I wonder if anyone can give me another tip I may have skipped over. Could it be the internal network adapter is damaged all of a sudden and from pure coincidence independent of the reset?

Is there a way to set all of these things manually?

I have attached pictures of the whole process so you can see what I mean.

I can't figure out how to link so:



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That's a great set of pictures to illustrate the issue. As yet I've not bought a smart TV and your post has made me less likely to buy one. In your situation I'd try another factory reset for the TV and then set it up with a cable connection to the router. Assuming that goes well revisit wi-fi concentrating on the router settings.
Thanks so much for your response. I tried using a Lan cable but the thing doesn't recognize it. I heard something about it possibly working with a crossover cable so I will try that first. I will also try another factory reset before using the crossover cable.


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I've got a Panasonic Viera E5 series connected to the router via network cable. Normal cable, not crossover one.

Network settings is similar to yours. I've got for DNS server.

So looks like your TV sees the wi-fi network (LEVITY). During the setup, where you enter password, does it ask you network security like (WEP, WPA/WPA2, etc.)? That should match whatever your router uses. You mentioned changing security setting on the router, but I didn't see anything about it on the TV side.

Anyway, take a look at it again and see if that get you somewhere.


Well - - our Samsung HD Led model UN46C6800UF (no longer in production :sigh ) has / has never had issues connecting to the net. We are using a wired connection and the network settings were easy to use. The vender had a wifi option, but it looked like C**P to me so we went for wired.

As the ISP service comes into the house clear at the opposite end, I took an EoP device to bring ethernet into the den, added a wifi router for other toys but wired the tv directly to it. Netflix screams w/o buffering or interference from anything else round-n-about.
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So a tech was helping me at another forum as well and I was doing the Ping testing. And after sending a Ping to the Tv and it failing I tried to reconnect to the network to see if the IP had changed. And low and behold the thing connected and now its working. I don't know if simply sending a Ping did anything or if it was some kind of temporary problem on Samsung's end or my ISP or the Router. The reason remains a mystery to me but now it works. I am 80% certain sending the ping had something to do with waking up the adapter on the tv. Thanks so much!


Not likely. If you had to create the ipaddress manually, then that's far more likely to be the issue. ALWAYS try to you the DHCP, and if you cant, then set Address Reservation in the router for the MAC address of the tv.


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If you get the exact TV model number which is probably on the back somewhere you should be able to download a pdf guide for it. Maybe there will be some useful suggestions in it. It looks to me more likely that the router is blocking the TV's internet access for some reason.


TV access is via the Website protocol for HTTP/HTML on port 80 - - the same as any browser. The router setup would intentionally need to be vindictive towards the TV MAC or IP and I find that very difficult to believe.


Power off (ie disconnect the a/c) the tv and wait a few minutes.

might as well do the router and modem too while you're at it.

Power the on in the sequence
  1. modem; wait a full minute or until it syncs with the ISP
  2. router; wait another minute
  3. PROVE Internet connectivity using google.com
  4. NOW power up the TV
  5. redo the tv network settings
Most TVs have a test for proving connectivity and/or link speed. These must work OR you have not got the TV configured correctly for your router.


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Yes that’s similar to the procedure I follow when I turn on the computer and cannot access the internet. Fiddling around at the PC gets me nowhere slowly. I turn everything off then start backwards turning on the router first, wait a few minutes then switch on the computer. Providing that the internet provider hasn’t a problem I’m up and running within 5 Minutes.


What if my tv says it has internet connection but when I try to play something (like on YouTube) it freezes up? We've had the same router for a while with sporadic issues, but never this bad.


Go through the TV setup looking for Software Update. Mine has had two over the years.

Can you view content on the PC, like pictures or play any tunes?