Let's watch Steve as he unboxes AMD's Ryzen Threadripper

Julio Franco

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So hopefully this will be the last you'll hear about Threadripper before we get to the benchmarks next week (Thrusday, August 10th). For now you'll have to do with Steve's unboxing of AMD's special delivery. It's an entertaining thing to watch, so we'll leave you to it.

For a brief preview of Threadripper's performance, check out our notes from the information AMD released last weekend at SIGGRAPH, along with the full Ryzen roadmap which includes mobile APUs in Q4.

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@10:28 Steve, you received 106 out of 250. You're literally in the top 50% of all PC hardware reviewers! ;-)

Very cool gift for a select few. Congrats on the channel's success, mate. Even as someone who only cheers for value (and not red, blue, or green), after seeing the HUB logo on a Threadripper CPU I slipped into the mind of a huge AMD fanboy for a split second... it was both exhilarating and terrifying.

Bruno M. Villar

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Pssst...don't tell anyone...I'm currently working on a raspberry pi project to put one inside this ThreadRipper BOX.
Plus, it'll have a display in the front, same size of the original box.
The bad thing is: I live in brazil, I won't get one of these without a small pain in the ***.


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Thanks for the support guys! I'm well into the benchmarking now, it's all going well and looking good. Exciting times to be a PC enthusiast :D


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What is the strange fascination people with British accents have with making unboxing videos?

Since the board is under featured, that would explain AMD's priority of over hyping it. BTW, where can I get 10 GB internet service?

So the QC is sporadic on the CPUs, but the box works perfectly?

All this really proves to me, is AMD is trying to make it as difficult as possible to bring yourself to throw away a box, which you, in all likelihood, will never use again, during the course of the next century. (That's a fiscal century, not a calendar century).

Although, as there will likely be a 36, maybe even a 48 core model soon enough, and anyone owning either of these 2 CPUs, will doubtless want to sell them immediately to get the newer, faster, stronger, bigger model, I suppose keeping the box would contribute a few bucks to the resale value.
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FYI, Steve is Australian I believe.
Well, "American English", is almost regarded as a separate language worldwide. Steve sounds more like a loyal subject of the queen, than he does "Crocodile Dundee". Although, he does use the slang term, "crikey", which is Aussie. (That I had to look up).

Primarily, in my own defense, I can't recognize an Aussie accent unless it's the way, way, over the top variant in those annoying "Red Lobster" commercials.

Now if Steve had said, "put another shrimp on the barbie", or, "that's not a knife mate, this is a knife," I would have picked it right up..:confused:


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Here's a Britisher doing a review of the same guitar featured in the prior video:

Perhaps it can serve as sort of a surrogate, or, "tide you over", as it were, until the "Thread Ripper" review...

(In truth, the joke was on me. Since the site is based in Ecuador, I figured the equipment would go to the office (?), and whoever reviewed it, would have more of a Spanish accent).
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I'm thinking some Girls and some Rum. cause I can't think of anything else I would be able to get this guy, but," LAID".:cool:.

you tell some of the Girls around here that you got a THREADRIPPER, you just don't know what could happen.sounds exciting..
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...[ ]...you tell some of the Girls around here that you got a THREADRIPPER, you just don't know what could happen.sounds exciting..
At the very least, "Alexa", would have to step into her "cyber powder room", and change her, "sticky cyber panties"..:eek:*nerd*