LG: LED TVs to represent 40% of LCD market by 2011

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LG unveiled a line of LCD TVs making use of LED technology today, and hopes to ship as many as 5 million units next year. The conglomerate is also aiming to move up to 18 million LCD sets this year, and according to its CEO, internal targets are even higher. Achieving this aspiration would situate them as the world’s second-largest producer of LCD TVs, ahead of Sony and only topped by Samsung.

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Well I have looked into buying one of these new LED tv's when I move into my new house, the thing is they HAVE to lower the price to the level that LCD is now, otherwise the standard consumer market will look at the same size LCD TV for £400 and see an LED TV for £1200 human nature tells you to go cheaper!

I've been put off by price thus far, if they could offer a LED 1080p 42" for under £800 then I would buy one until then I have no need to upgrade from LCD.


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I completely agree, I like samsungs new LED TV's and I was going out on the weekend to buy a new TV, but I could get a 1080p Samsung LCD TV for £550 32" or I could get the LED version for £1200?! now I will admit the LED version looked SLIGHTLY better but not a whole lot? so human nature simply puts LCD as first choice.


I just got a samsung LED and have to say it is a really good picture.There is a small amount of light bleeding from the edge of the screen that you can only see when the room is dark and there is a dark picture on the screen. I would think the back lit LEDs would be better and have a more direct lighting. I am keeping the samsung but my next tv will be the backlit LED.
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