Local Area Connection/A network cable is unplugged

By navyblue
Jun 28, 2011
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  1. I've been having issues with this for some time now. I used to get the bubble popping up once a day at the same time. Now it's happening every 30 minutes at the same time each hour. I've read a bit about this problem so i think it's the drivers but i may be wrong. Most of what I read is about wireless connections but I'm not running my connection wireless. I turned off my wireless card a while back and am only running the internet through the cable. The only effect it's having is when I'm playing a game and then I loose my audio with the other people I'm talking too, not loosing my internet connection at all. It's also not effecting my audio when watching videos either, only the voice on the game when I'm playing. I've been logging out and logging back into the game to get my audio back and that's really annoying me. I've tried to use some driver update programs but that has solved nothing. I'd really appreciate any advice I could get. Just trying to avoid wiping my computer clean and doing a reinstall.
  2. Mark56

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    This could be a corrupt Ethernet driver or you may have a Malware infection.

    Try this first. Go to the computers (or motherboards) support site and download the Ethernet driver and save it to your dektop.

    Go into Device Manager and under Network Adapters right click on the Ethernet device and select uninstall.

    Got back to the desktop and double click on the new driver to install it, then reboot the PC and test the connection for any improvement.

    The regular disconnection interupts might be caused by your ISP. Does this happen on any other sites or just the one you play this online game on?

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